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A professional Espresso Coffee Machine, Vending Coffee Machine, Coffee Maker Manufacturer in China.
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Automatic coffee machine HV-302 MCH
HV-302MCH Automatic coffee machine is suit for all kinds of place. Hot/cold traditional coffee, hot Milk Tea, Hot/cold Juice
Automatic coffee machine HV-302 M
HV-302M Automatic Beverage Sale Coffee Machine is used in the office and business places ,especially in the restaurant and juice chiain stores. Coffee 、Milk Tea 、Juice 、Hot water 、Cold water
Automatic coffee machine HV-302 MC
HV-302MC Automatic beverage coffee machine is suit for the office ,and also for Material Business and Operate Venture Crowed .Traditional coffee、Milk Tea 、Juice、Hot water、Cold Water
Automatic Coffee Machine HV-302M4
HV-302M4 Automatic coffee machine is suit for beverage chain stores,It is the most popular products.9 selections like Pure coffee 、Cappuccino、Mocha、Hot Choco…
Automatic coffee machine HV-302 AC
7 hot drinks、cold water、Hot water(Traditional coffee 、Cappuccino 、Mocha and so on)HV-302AC Automatic coffee machine is suit for business places ,especially for catering chain stores.
Coffee machine(HV-301M4)
HV-301M4 is a model that have 4 raw material boxes can provide 9 selection coffee drink,only need press on one button
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